About Us

Who We Are
Founded in 2013 jrlinton is an award-winning Cisco Select IT company that offers proactive, dedicated support and tailored services.
We are at the forefront of advanced enterprise technology to some of the United Kingdom’s most trusted businesses, such as Christian Dior, The British Museum, The AICS Group, London Fashion Models, Alexandra Palace Garden Centre, Gambados, Lisa Norris Gallery, and many more. Our customers reap the rewards of our services and support with 24/7 access to our 70,000+ products and strong online IT hardware and software catalog.

We Serve Europe
With more and more EU businesses trusting jrlinton to fulfill their IT hardware needs. We have worked diligently to improve our reach within the EU, with access to key distribution centres in Germany, The Netherlands, The Republic of Ireland, and Denmark - jrlinton will typically get your resource-critical IT hardware to your team within four business days. The remainder of our IT hardware product catalog will ship from our international distribution hub in London, United Kingdom, and typically arrive across most European states within eight business days.