Microsoft SQL Server Client Access License (CAL)

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SQL Server, Single License, License & Software Assurance (LicSAPk), NL, Additional product, 1 Year Acquired In Year 2, Client Access License (CAL), Open Value License (OVL)
Run SQL Server on your favorite platform
It's all about choice. Now, you can get SQL Server 2017's industry-leading performance and security on Windows, Linux, and Docker containers.

Your choice of language and platforms
Build modern applications using the language of your choice, on-premises and in the cloud, now on Windows, Linux and Docker containers.

Industry-leading performance
Take advantage of breakthrough scalability, performance, and availability for mission-critical, intelligent applications and data warehouses.

Real-time intelligence
Gain transformative insights for your business with real-time analytics at up to 1M predictions/second.

End-to-end mobile BI
Turn raw data into meaningful reports that can be delivered to any device—at one-fourth the cost of other self-service solutions.
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License typeClient Access License (CAL)
System requirements
Minimum processor2 GHz, Dual-Core
Minimum RAM4096 MB
Minimum storage drive space6000 MB
Manufacturer Microsoft
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